Fact Checking Policy

We give high value to our readers and we believe that media is the 4th pillar of Democracy. That is why we never publish any article or news without checking the fact correctly in a numbers of way. Generally we publish articles which are directly reported by our reporters. And in the case of national and international news, we directly follow the main stream media like ANI, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Zee News, News 18, ABP News, Prothom Alo, Jugantor, Kaler Kantho, etc. as well as we give more value to government website and government News source. For fact checking any viral article, post or video we use some steps listed below.

  1. Google reverse image search : Whenever we get any viral images or video with suspect, we us it for fact check. And to  verify the post we use google reverse search. In this case we check when & where first time the image published.
  2. Use of search Engine : We use the headline or the article of viral post and search it on different search engine like google, yahoo, Bing and many more. And check the details if  any Government website of mainstream news site published or not. 
  3. Use of Social Media: We continuously follow the social media pages of Government as well as the Government person, like Prime Minister Chief Minister, Mister or Spoke person.
  4. Reach to Direct Person: If any person named used on the post, we try to reach them directly via call, mail or direct meeting. Sometimes its help us to verify the news.